18 April 2023

NEWS | A Catholic contribution in view of the EU-CELAC Summit. Mgr Crociata: “a unique opportunity to promote a more fraternal world”

COMECE releases on Tuesday 18 April 2023 a contribution elaborated jointly with its partners in view of the upcoming summit between the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). COMECE President Mgr Crociata: “The summit is a unique opportunity to strengthen the ties between the people of our regions, promoting a more fraternal world”.

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At a time when Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean regions are facing serious security, socio-economic and ecological challenges, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE) and the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM), together with Caritas Europa and Caritas LAC, offer reflections, recommendations and best practices in view of a fair and mutually beneficial EU-LAC partnership.

The joint contribution is grounded on the Church’s daily accompaniment of people facing situations of vulnerability on both sides of the Atlantic. Based on this experience, the four organisations propose to orient the future EU-CELAC partnership around the following three pillars:
  • Integral human development & social justice;
  • Integral ecology & care for our common home;
  • Peace & a culture of encounter.
Under each pillar, the joint contribution suggests several areas and concrete initiatives to put this vision into action, towards corporate accountability, fair trade rules, production and business models that protect human rights and the environment, sustainable and inclusive food systems, just global financial and debt architecture, and democratic ownership of policy- and decision-making processes.

The document aims to contribute to the ongoing discussions leading to the EU-CELAC Summit, to be held in Brussels on 17-18 July 2023 under the Spanish EU Council Presidency.

The President of COMECE, H.E. Mgr. Mariano Crociata: “It is our hope that the Summit will relaunch the partnership between our regions, addressing the structural causes that undermine peace, social justice and societal cohesion. Our recommendations aim at strengthening the ties between the people of Europe and Latin America, promoting a more fraternal world”.

The document is entitled “A partnership of hope for the good of our peoples and a more fraternal world” and endorsed by the Presidents of COMECE, CELAM, Caritas Europa and Caritas Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the run-up to the Summit, COMECE and its partners plan to organise dialogue events between Church, EU and civil society representatives to nurture the debate on the EU-CELAC partnership.

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Recommendations (ENES)


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