25 March 2024

EASTER | COMECE wishes you a Happy and Blessed Easter


STATEMENT | EU Bishops in view of the 2024 elections: “For a responsible vote promoting Christian values and the European project”

13/03 - In view of the elections for the European Parliament to be held on 6-9 June 2024, the EU Bishops issued a statement inviting all citizens, especially Catholics, to prepare for the elections and vote responsibly “promoting Christian values and the European project”.

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🔊 Interview with Mgr. Crociata [IT]: Vatican News | Agensir
🔊 Interview with Mgr. Hérouard [FR]: Vatican News| La Croix
🔊 Interview with Mgr. Kozon: DE | EN
🔊 Interview with Fr. Barrios Prieto [ES]: Vatican News | COPE

YOUTH | COMECE unveils ‘Catholic Toolkit for Young Europeans’ ahead of 2024 EU elections

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18/03 - As the 2024 European elections approach, COMECE released the ‘Catholic Toolkit for Young Europeans’, a comprehensive toolkit aiming to empower young people across Europe to actively engage in the democratic process, guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

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STATEMENT | Churches affirm their role in shaping Europe’s future ahead of EU elections

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20/03 - Heads of four European organisations, representing diverse Christian Churches and entities, have issued a joint declaration ahead of the 2024 European elections, affirming their commitment to work together with the European institutions, MEP candidates and political parties to promote a positive European agenda that takes its inspiration from Christian values, also strengthening Article 17 TFEU dialogue.

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📺 Watch Mgr. Crociata’s video-message

VIDEOS | Mgr. Crociata on "Europe, be yourself!” declaration

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20/03 - In four short videos, the heads of COMECE, the Conference of European Churches (CEC), the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO) and Together for Europe, explain the declaration "Europe, be yourself!” issued in view of the 2024 European elections 2024. Watch the videos:

INTERVIEW | Fr. Barrios Prieto on the 2024 EU elections

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21/03 - Intervening as a guest in the TelePace TV programme "Pagine aperte", COMECE General Secretary, Fr. Manuel Barrios Prieto, shared insights on the declaration issued by the EU Bishops in view of the 2024 elections of the European Parliament. Fr. Barrios Prieto also described the elections toolkit elaborated by the COMECE Youth Platform and the statement "Europe, be yourself!” issued together with other Churches.

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EU ENLARGEMENT | COMECE congratulates citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the opening of EU occasion negotiations

25/03 - We congratulate the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the opening of EU accession negotiations decided last week by the EU Council. COMECE: "It is a message of hope and encouragement to continue fostering the ties within the European family through a people-centred and credible EU enlargement process".

NEWS | Commission on EU External Affairs discusses peace in Ukraine, EU-Africa partnership and EU enlargement

22/03 - Under the chairmanship of Mgr. Jan Vokál, the COMECE Commission on EU External Relations gathered in Brussels to exchange with EU and Church representatives on pathways to a just peace in Ukraine, on the EU-Africa partnership and the EU enlargement process.

SPEECH | Mgr. Crociata and former President of the EU Commission, Romano Prodi, at ACI conference on Europe

08/03 - The President of COMECE, Mgr. Mariano Crociata, delivered insightful remarks to participants of the conference “Cittadini e credenti nell’Europa che verrà” held at the LUMSA university, Rome, by the Azione Cattolica Italiana. The event also featured an exchange with Prof. Romano Prodi, former President of the European Commission.

📑 Read Mgr. Crociata's speech

NEWS | Notre Dame University students visit COMECE to exchange on some major regional and global challenges

14/03 - A group of students from the Nanovic Institute of the Notre Dame University visited the Secretariat of COMECE to exchange on our mission of dialogue with the EU institutions. The group was received by the General Secretary, Fr. Manuel Barrios Prieto, and adviser Marek Misak. Together, they discussed today's major regional and global challenges.

Next at COMECE

3 April
Delegation of the Italian Bishops' Conference to visit the COMECE Secretariat.

10 April
Breakfast Event at the European Parliament to be held by the European Sunday Alliance (ESA) on the proposal of a weekly common day of rest for all in the European Union.

10-11 April
H.E. Mgr. Joseph Galea-Curmi will preside over the meeting of the COMECE Social Affairs Commission, which will take place at the COMECE Secretariat in Brussels.

12 April
Annual meeting of the General Secretaries of the EU Bishops' Conferences to be organised by COMECE.

17-19 April
Spring 2024 Plenary Assembly of COMECE to be held in Łomża, Poland. More info will be shared in the next few days.

23-24 April
COMECE will participate in the Budapest Conference on the EU Pact on Migration.

24 April
A group of young people will visit the COMECE Secretariat to learn more about COMECE's mission of dialogue with the EU institutions. The meeting is facilitated by Don Bosco International (DBI).

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