Working Group on Education & Culture

The Working Group on Education and Culture monitors and prepares statements, contributions, and activities to the ongoing EU policy and debate on Education and Culture in the European Union. The activities of the Working Group aim to highlight the importance and value of education and culture from a Catholic perspective, thus contributing to the mission of COMECE and fulfilling the process of dialogue advocated by Art. 17 TFUE.

Composed by experts nominated by the EU Bishops' Conferences, the Working Group serves as a platform to exchange on issues of interest for the EU Episcopates and the EU, bringing together the voice of the Catholic Church in the EU Member States and allowing experts to regularly enter in dialogue with EU representatives on education and culture-related matters.

The President of the Working Group on Education and Culture is Fr. Manuel Enrique Barrios Prieto, COMECE General Secretary, and its Secretary is Emilio Dogliani, Policy adviser of the COMECE Secretariat.