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Energy crisis | COMECE calls for solidarity ahead of the winter

The Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE) releases on Monday 7 November 2022 a statement on the current energy crisis, calling on the EU to “ensure a fair access to affordable energy for all, especially the most vulnerable, while not losing sight of the long-term objectives of a just and sustainable energy transition”. Read the Statement: EN | IT | SK

(Credit: Yevhen Prozhyrko/Shutterstock)

In the context of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the European Union’s overdependence on one oil and gas supplier has allowed the weaponisation of energy supplies by Russia. This situation has not only reinforced energy insecurity in Europe, but also resulted in the soaring prices negatively impacting on all EU societies, in particular their most vulnerable members.

“While some companies are going bankrupt – the statement reads – others are laying off workers, and many people are no longer able to cope with the rising cost of living”.

As winter is approaching, COMECE calls for collective solidarity, inviting each member of our societies to care for one another and to pursue a responsible energy consumption.

COMECE appeals in particular to EU policy-makers, urging them to address the current emergency but also “not to lose sight of the long-term objectives of a just and sustainable energy transition”.

In this regard, the COMECE statement offers EU decision-makers three principles for orientation – universal destination of goods; preferential option for the poor; justice and peace – and strongly encourages them to:

  • ensure accessible and affordable energy to the most affected people through temporary mitigation measures and a fair distribution of resources;
  • prioritise energy efficiency and increase research into alternative forms of energy;
  • pursue responsible and value-based energy partnerships and lay the foundation of a new global energy system governed by the principles of justice, solidarity, inclusive participation and sustainable development.

This COMECE statement follows the heartfelt appeal for peace in Ukraine and in the whole of Europe, elaborated by the Bishops of the European Union during their 2022 Autumn Plenary Assembly.

Download the Statement: EN | IT