Upcoming Events

Next at COMECE

16 February
H.E. Mgr. Mariano Crociata will preside over the monthly Standing Committee meeting.

21 February
Fr. Manuel Barrios will celebrate the Holy Mass in the European Parliament at 8:30 (Room ASP 00H152).

21 February
Fr. Manuel Barrios will intervene as panelist in the EPP Group Conference “A Social Market Economy that cares”.

19-21 February
H.E. Mgr. Aegidius Zsifkovics, Bishop of Eisenstadt, will visit Brussels to meet with various EU representatives. The visit will also be an occasion to meet with the staff of the Secretariat of COMECE. He will be accompanied by a group of Austrian journalists.

21-22 February
Adviser Alix de Wassaige will participate in the Conference “Future of work: rethinking workers’ rights in the digital age” to be held by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

22 February
COMECE will host the presentation of the Spanish translation of the book ‘Permanece en vela’ collecting a series of spiritual poems written by Gilles Baudry and trabslated by Mari Dol Pérez Guevara. The event is open to the public.

23-25 February
Adviser Emilio Dogliani will participate in the Congress on Catholic Education to be held in Madrid, Spain.

26 February
COMECE will host the yearly meeting of the Brussels-based Catholic organisations working with the EU institutions.

28 February
Adviser Alessandro Calcagno will participate in and contribute to the final conference “Shield Project” dedicated to the protection of places of worship in Europe.

29 February-1 March
H.E. Mgr. Theodorus C.M. Hoogenboom will preside over the COMECE Legal Affairs Commission. On this occasion, the members of the Commission will also visit the EU Court of Justice, Luxembourg, and exchange with some of its judges.

3 March
A group of young people from the Fondazione Regina Pacis (FRP) will visit the Secretariat of COMECE to learn more about COMECE’s mission of dialogue with the EU institutions.

7 March
Monthly meeting of the COMECE Standing Committee. The meeting will be presided over by H.E. Mgr. Mariano Crociata.