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Webnews, 29/05/2019


COMECE on EU elections results

“Citizens voted: it is time to rebuild community in Europe”


COMECE expresses deep appreciation for the increased participation of EU citizens in the election of the European Parliament. With a turnout of 50.97%, the highest in 20 years, Europeans gave a strong signal to the MEPs they elected, thereby taking back control of their common destiny.



“People saw the importance of European politics and took their responsibility in going to vote”,commented Mgr. Jean-Claude Hollerich, S.J., President of COMECE, recalling the contribution of the Church in the months ahead of the election week.


In February 2019, EU Bishops published the statement ‘Rebuilding community in Europe’, calling on all citizens to engage in the political process, to exercise their discernment and to vote to relaunch the European project.


“Voting might only be a first stepquotes the statement - but a most necessary one”to condition the political decisions impacting on the day-to-day life of all EU citizens in the next five years.


COMECE hopes that the new alliances drawn at the Parliament will achieve the common good by putting back the human-person at the core of European policies and by closely serve all citizens of Europe in facing the many challenges that await us all.



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