COMECE Social Affairs Commission: reflection on the future of work

COMECE Social Affairs Commission and Catholic-inspired organisations exchanged with experts and EU officials on the transformative shift undergoing in the world of work.

(Credit: COMECE)

During the two-days meeting, under the presidency of Bishop Gianni Ambrosio, participants focused on the ways digitalisation and other trends are shaping the European labour market and impacting the dignity of workers.

Based on the discussion with the invited speakers – including Patrick Develtere, Leonie Martin and representatives of the International Christian Union of Business Executives (UNIAPAC) and the Confederations of Christian Trade Unions in Belgium (CSC-ACV) – the enlarged Commission reviewed the first outline of a COMECE document on the future of work.

With the Italian MEP Nicola Danti, the participants examined the new forms of employment and the impact of the collaborative economy in creating a new third category between self-employed and employees.

John Hurley, Research Manager at the EU agency Eurofound, highlighted the process of polarization that is going through in the labor market.

COMECE Social Affairs Commission will make use of the all the inputs of the discussion, including them in the drafting process of the future of work reflection, which is planned to be published by Spring next year.

Photo Gallery of the meeting
Interview to Bishop Ambrosio, president of the Social Affairs Commission