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Webnews, 18/06/2018


COMECE to publish reflection on “Robotisation of Life”


Following its contribution to a public consultation of the EU Commission on Artificial Intelligence (AI), COMECE will publish the reflection “Robotisation of Life” in order to adress the many ethical questions raised by AI’s effects on our societies.



The document, to be published in July 2018, will describe and analyse the phenomena through the lenses of the Catholic social teaching. It was elaborated by the COMECE Working Group on Ethics moderated by prof. Antonio Autiero.


Since the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital technologies are affecting every aspect of social life and shaping our way of life. COMECE is closely monitoring this process suggesting the need for a moral guidance that maximises safety, safeguards the common good and promotes human rights.


A recent strategic note of the European Political Strategy Center” stated that a European policy on artificial intelligence should make sure that society is empower and not threatened by Artificial Intelligence.


This view was also shared by the European Group on Ethics in a statement on Artificial Intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems published in March 2018, while the European Commission set up a high – level expert group on Artificial Intelligence, attended by COMECE, in order to engage in a dialogue with all actors on the future of Artificial Intelligence.

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