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Every human being has the right to education that corresponds with his capabilities and skills. This enables him to participate in society and to contribute to its life in accordance with his talents.
This fundamental right is affirmed in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
In dialogue with the EU COMECE offers the experience of the Church who runs a wide range of institutions of formal and non-formal education.
Increasing plurality and global migration movements raises the importance of intercultural dialogue in our society. In her contributions to this topic COMECE underlines the importance of «intercultural competence», of tolerance, openness and of mutual respect in a context of different cultures and traditions.


The participation of COMECE in the “Summer School” renewed until 2020

Since 2006, students from all over the world attend the Graz-Seggau International Graz University (Austria), organized by COMECE, the University of Graz and the Diocese of Graz-Seggau. Students and teachers work in an interdisciplinary manner on topical subjects, particularly those related to the European Union and its relations with “the Americas” (Canada, USA, Caribbean and Latin America). The next session will take place from 2 … Continue reading »


Youth Policies, Education and unemployment. The young claim: ‘we are the solution !’

Young people have great expectations where the EU decisions makers are concerned, especially after the promises of the 28 EU Heads of States to put together an EU youth employment package. But is this a reliable long term solution to youth unemployment? Young people want the EU to tackle unemployment and education not FOR them but WITH them because they see themselves as the solution … Continue reading »


International Summer School Seggauberg 2007 European Cultures: The Challenges of Diversity and Unity

The 8th COMECE Summer School will take place from June 30th to July 14th, 2007. Since 2006 the Summer School is a joint activity of COMECE with the Karl-Franzens University of Graz and the diocese of Graz-Segau. Eighty students from thirty countries will participate. They will follow lectures and seminars organized at Seggau Castle, near Graz. Dr. Egon Kapellari, the Bishop of Graz-Seckau and delegate … Continue reading »