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Respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights are the values on which the European Union is founded.
The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU is the fundamental text of reference for Union policies and initiatives.
COMECE closely follows policies related to justice and fundamental rights in areas such as equality and non-discrimination, data protection, family matters, rights of the child, child protection and EU citizenship.
COMECE is of the view that fundamental rights must have a clear and objective concept of human dignity as their basis, that the focus must be on the ethical implications of EU policies and legislation, and that considerations must be given to the way these latter may impact on the activities of the Church.
COMECE is assisted in this mission by a Legal Affairs Commission.


Delegation of the Mediterranean Youth Council visits COMECE, meets with EP President Metsola

The Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE) welcomed a delegation from the Mediterranean Youth Council on Wednesday, 3 April 2024. This visit was part of the Council’s official two-day tour of the EU institutions in Brussels, which included a meeting with President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola. Interview with Mgr. Crociata | Video interview with Mgr. Crociata |Video interview with … Continue reading »

Press Release

Churches affirm their role in shaping Europe’s future ahead of EU elections

Churches affirm their role in shaping Europe’s future ahead of EU elections. Heads of four European organisations, representing diverse Christian Churches and entities, have issued a joint declaration ahead of the 2024 European elections, affirming their commitment to work together with the European institutions, MEP candidates and political parties to promote a positive European agenda that takes its inspiration from Christian values, also strengthening Article … Continue reading »

Press Release

STATEMENT | EU Bishops in view of the 2024 elections: “For a responsible vote promoting Christian values and the European project”

In view of the elections for the European Parliament to be held on 6-9 June 2024, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE) issues on Wednesday, 13 March 2024, a statement inviting all citizens, especially Catholics, to prepare for the elections and vote responsibly “promoting Christian values and the European project”. Download the Statement: EN | IT | FR | ES … Continue reading »


COMECE in dialogue with the Court of Justice of the EU

Following up to the successful first visit in 2020, the COMECE Legal Affairs Commission, on Thursday, 29 February 2024, carried out a study visit to the Court of Justice of the EU, meeting extensively with Judges and Advocate Generals. The programme involved both formal and informal moments of exchange and dialogue and allowed some frank reflections on the state of the EU jurisprudence. The focus … Continue reading »


Austrian Bishop Zsifkovics visits Brussels for a series of meetings with EU representatives

In a series of official meetings with high representatives of the EU institutions, Bishop Mgr. Zsifkovics (Austria) addressed some of the most pressing issues for Europe and the Catholic Church. The meetings took place in the context of an official trip to Brussels, held on 19-21 February 2024. The meetings were facilitated by COMECE. The Bishop was accompanied by a group of journalists from the … Continue reading »


VIDEO | Article 17 TFEU: Churches and EU address disinformation ahead of 2024 EU elections

Fake news, disinformation and conspiracy theories are plagues in our society, dangerous tools against our democracies, especially in view of the 2024 EU elections. This topic was at the center of the Article 17 TFEU Dialogue Seminar with Churches, religious communities, and philosophical and non-confessional organisations held on Tuesday, 13 February 2024 at the European Parliament, Brussels. Video of the Dialogue Seminar The theme of … Continue reading »