COMECE Legal Affairs Commission: focus on new EU dossiers

The COMECE Legal Affairs Commission gathered experts from EU Bishops’ Conferences on Thursday 5 March 2020 in order to address current EU legal matter of particular relevance for the Church.

COMECE Legal Affairs Commission 2020. (Credit: COMECE)

Legal advisors updated each other and reflected on the continued impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the Catholic Church in the Member states. This topic will be the focus of the upcoming 19 May 2020 ad hoc experts meeting, organised at COMECE for the second consecutive year.

In the light of new impulses given by the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, the COMECE Legal Affairs Commission devoted an analysis to the Commission Work Programme 2020 and its elements of special interest from a legal perspective.

Following the established practice of exploring innovative files, Bishops’ Conferences’ experts carried out a dialogue with EU officers on areas such as the new EU Whistleblowers Directive and its impact on affected organisations; as well as protection of places of worship in the EU in the context of broader work on security of public spaces.

The meeting was also the occasion for assessing the recent, successful visit of the Legal Affairs Commission to the Court of Justice of the EU and to exchange on national and EU level legal developments, including pertinent jurisprudence.

The COMECE Legal Affairs Commission will convene for its second meeting of the year on Thursday 3 December 2020.