European Commission recognises the crucial role of young people in EU policymaking

The European Commission unveiled its Communication on the legacy of the 2022 European Year of Youth, a pivotal document set to determine the course of action in the area of youth policy in the next years. COMECE: “It is important that the EU recognises the crucial role of young people in policymaking and strengthens intergenerational dialogue at all levels of its action, especially in light of the European elections this year”. Read the Communication

Members of the COMECE Youth Network visiting the European Parliament. (Photo: COMECE)

In its Communication, the European Commission recognises the role of young people during the European Year in 2022, taking stock of the many initiatives and projects carried out in Europe and beyond.

The document underlines the importance of mainstreaming youth vision in policymaking, as well as in fostering structural dialogue between European institutions and youth in many areas, such as environment, education, employment, health and democratic participation.

It is vital that all stakeholders, including Churches, are part of these processes. Their contribution is precious” states Fr. Manuel Barrios Prieto, General Secretary of the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE), referring to the many initiatives carried out by Catholic youth organisations and networks during or as follow-up to the Year of Youth.

Among these, COMECE stands out for its dedicated efforts in youth engagement, exemplified through the successful execution of two Catholic Youth Conventions on the Future of Europe and the subsequent establishment of the COMECE Youth Network in 2022. The latter, which serves as a youth consultative body, strategically empowers young European Catholics and amplifies their voices in matters concerning EU policies, as in the latest annual contribution on values and democracy in Europe.