Study day for coordinators of Catholic Religion in the European Schools takes place at COMECE

Meeting with coordinators of Catholic Religion in the European Schools. (Photo: COMECE)

Meeting with coordinators of Catholic Religion in the European Schools. (Photo: COMECE)

On Friday, 24 May 2024, COMECE held a study day for the Coordinators of Catholic Religion who support the activities and work of Catholic religion teachers in European schools in Belgium and in other Member States where they are present.

In preparation for upcoming meetings with the Secretariat of the European Schools, in relation also to the S6-S7 curricular reform that is being proposed that will affect the teaching of religion, the consultative study day provided Coordinators an opportunity to discuss issues affecting religion teachers.

After a brief discussion on the pastoral care of religion teachers, with the presentation of the work of the Chapel for Europe by its Director, Fr. Bernd Günther sj, participants discussed Canon law provisions regulating the nomination of teachers of religion.

The competent bodies of European Schools are currently discussing reforms that could change the status of religious education in the last two years of secondary school. The European Parliament adopted a resolution on this issue in 2023.

As part of its mission to maintain a dialogue with the European institutions, and in close collaboration with Religious Education teachers, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE) is addressing the proposed changes with the General Secretariat of the Schools. COMECE also discussed this issue with the coordinators, who formulated specific shared positions on the matter.

The study day included a final session on the current cooperation between teachers, coordinators and the European Schools’ management. Participants discussed strategies to improve the content and structure of Religion classes in order to enhance the integral development of young learners.