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VIDEO | Webinar “Being a Christian in politics and society” is now available

Event "Being a Christian in politics and society”.
The video recording of the COMECE Youth Net webinar titled “Being a Christian in Politics and Society” is now publicly available for viewing on the COMECE YouTube channel. The video recording is available here.

Held in March 2024 in view of the EU elections, the event aimed to explore the intersection of Christian values with political and societal engagement. The webinar featured the insightful contributions of Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, Former Prime Minister of Malta, and Peter Merše, Slovenian journalist and editor at Moreover, the event included the participation of numerous young people from all across Europe, including delegates from the EU Bishops’ Conferences.

During the webinar, COMECE presented its toolkit on the 2024 elections of the European Parliament, which is available here.

The video recording is available here.