Article 17, EU Commission appoints new Dialogue Coordinator

COMECE welcomes the appointment by the European Commission of new Article 17 TFEU Dialogue Coordinator, Vincent Depaigne, and is looking forward to strengthening the Dialogue with the EU institutions in a creative manner.

(Credit: COMECE)

Vincent Depaigne has been appointed as new Coordinator for the Dialogue with churches, religious associations or communities as well as philosophical and non-confessional organisations.

The renewed distinction of this position from other key functions within the Commission, COMECE believes, is an important precondition for its effectiveness.

COMECE hopes that the recent appointment will provide new opportunities for a fresh start, with relations based on transparency and mutual respect, so that Europeans may benefit from a better articulation of the Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the EU, at the technical and political level.

The Catholic Church is confident that a Dialogue allowing Article 17 TFEU partners to fully express their identity, specific contribution and representativity will benefit to all.

We hope that the next few years should lead to the strenghtening of the role of the Dialogue Coordinator, so as to ensure a truly “regular” Dialogue through proactive and frequent exchanges with Churches.