Mgr. Hérouard at the European Parliament presents reflection paper on the Social Economy

COMECE presented its reflection paper on the Social Economy during a meeting held at the European Parliament on Tuesday 28 February 2023. The document includes concrete proposals that, if implemented, could develop the full potential of the Social Economy in all EU Member States. Read the document (ENFR)

Mgr. Hérouard and MEP Patrizia Toia at the European Parliament, during the presentation of the COMECE Reflection paper on the Social Economy. (Photo: Social Economy EU)

H.E. Mgr. Antoine Hérouard, President of the COMECE Social Affairs Commission, presented the COMECE Reflection Paper on the Social Economy during a breakfast event hosted at the European Parliament by MEP Patrizia Toia. Elaborated in November 2022 by an ad-hoc working group previously established by COMECE, the document gives concrete proposals to the EU institutions, in view of developing the full potential of the Social Economy in all EU Member States by better adapting their national policies and legal frameworks to the specific needs and actors of the social economy.

The tools suggested by COMECE are the principles of the Catholic Social Teaching, including the common good, the universal destination of goods, the dignity of the human person and social justice, subsidiarity and the preferential option for the poor.

While presenting the Reflection Paper, Mgr. Hérouard pointed out the need to clearly define the criteria for belonging to the social economy, to improve access to EU funds, public financing and private investments, to promote a fiscal framework for the social economy that creates jobs and sustainable growth, and to encourage the integration of the social economy into the industrial strategies of each EU Member State.

The meeting at the European Parliament was organised in the context of the Spring meeting of the COMECE Social Affairs Commission, held on 27-28 February 2023, to discuss high inflation, ethical investment, public finance and fiscal policy. The meeting featured the participation of high-level Vatican representatives, including Jean-Baptiste de Franssu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR – Vatican Bank), and Maximino Caballero Ledo, Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy of the Vatican.

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