Youth policies

In order to build cohesive, integrated and democratic societies, young people's voices deserve to be heard and their concerns ought to be placed at the centre of European policymaking. In the EU Member States, young people are calling for concrete action on the issues that affect them the most and which will have an impact on their future, stressing how solidarity and mutual respect are important to live together in peaceful and prosperous societies.

Since faith represents a constitutive part of young people's life, it is essential that young Europeans are free to express their wishes and act in our societies in light of their values, beliefs and religious experience. In dialogue with the European institutions, COMECE strives to bring forward the voice of all young Catholics, promote their desires for the future of the European project, and allow them to engage with EU policies, exchanging with policymakers and working together for the Common Good.


14 March 2022

Green Deal: Final Report of the Interfaith Youth Convention is now online

The final report of the Interfaith Youth Convention on the European Green Deal is now…
#Ecology & Sustainability #Social & Economic Affairs #Youth policies
16 November 2021

COMECE releases the first report of its Interfaith Youth Convention

The Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (COMECE) releases on Wednesday 10…
#Youth policies
10 March 2020

COMECE presents recommendations for a more inclusive EU Youth & Education Programmes

COMECE presented its recommendation paper on “Inclusive Youth and Education Programme” during a working lunch…
#Youth policies