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In order to build cohesive, integrated and democratic societies, young people’s voices deserve to be heard and their concerns ought to be placed at the centre of European policymaking. In the EU Member States, young people are calling for concrete action on the issues that affect them the most and which will have an impact on their future, stressing how solidarity and mutual respect are important to live together in peaceful and prosperous societies.

Since faith represents a constitutive part of young people’s life, it is essential that young Europeans are free to express their wishes and act in our societies in light of their values, beliefs and religious experience. In dialogue with the European institutions, COMECE strives to bring forward the voice of all young Catholics, promote their desires for the future of the European project, and allow them to engage with EU policies, exchanging with policymakers and working together for the Common Good.


Press Release

COMECE presents recommendations for a more inclusive EU Youth & Education Programmes

COMECE presented its recommendation paper on “Inclusive Youth and Education Programme” during a working lunch held in Brussels on Wednesday 4 March 2020 and organized by the COMECE’S Youth Platform member, Don Bosco Youth-Net, together with Caritas Germany and the Bavarian Youth Council. On the occasion of the ongoing negotiations on Erasmus and the European Solidarity Corp (2021-2027), the document provides technical recommendations to the … Continue reading »


COMECE: “Interreligious youth dialogue strengthens democracy in Europe

Young people of different faiths gathered at COMECE on Tuesday 24 September 2019 to discuss the contribution of interreligious youth exchanges in strengthening and building trust in democracy in the EU. The event, co-organised by COMECE and the Bavarian Youth Council (BJR), focused on “Dialogue for Democracy” (Dialog für Demokratie), a youth project established by the Bavarian Youth Council in 2016 to overcome prejudices, build … Continue reading »


Dialogue for Democracy: The contribution of interreligious youth work projects to social cohesion in Europe

Tuesday 24 September 2019, 12h00 – 14h00 at the COMECE Secretariat, Brussels Together with the Bavarian Youth Council (BJR), COMECE organises a lunch debate to discuss the contribution of interreligious youth exchanges to strengthening and building trust in democracy in Europe. The event will mainly focus on “Dialogue for Democracy”, a project that has recently gathered young people from different backgrounds and religions to overcome … Continue reading »


COMECE encourages the EU to empower young people

On the occasion of the 2019 International Youth Day, COMECE calls the EU to implement youth policies reducing the forms of youth exclusions, and empowering young people at all levels of economic, social and political life. Young people represent around 1/3 of the population in the European Union. Many of them experience uncertainty, frustration and marginalisation due to the high unemployment rate, which deprives them … Continue reading »


Synod on Youth continues: a socio-political reading

In October 2018, on the occasion of the “Synod on Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment”, Pope Francis urged youth and Church representatives to discuss the involvement of young people in society. Rather than working for the youth, Pope Francis highlighted, it is necessary to work with the youth, allowing them to fully realise their talents and aspirations in their local communities, and to empower them … Continue reading »


COMECE in dialogue with young people on Europe’s future

One of the main arguments against the EU is the gap between the European institutions and its citizens, particularly the youth. COMECE met and discussed with young people in order to understand how European politics can better involve young people and listen to their concerns and proposals. The Youth Day, an event organised by the Bavarian youth organisation Bayerischer Jugendring (BJR), gathered young people, EU … Continue reading »


Young Catholics discovering EU institutions

COMECE hosted a 4-days-visit of 20 young people from the UK to the EU institutions and to Church organisations. Meeting EU Officials from the European Commission, the European Council and its UK Task Force as well as MEP Jean Lambert. They got the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the EU and its policies, about burning issues like Brexit and about EU-topics that are of … Continue reading »


Youth Policies, Education and unemployment. The young claim: ‘we are the solution !’

Young people have great expectations where the EU decisions makers are concerned, especially after the promises of the 28 EU Heads of States to put together an EU youth employment package. But is this a reliable long term solution to youth unemployment? Young people want the EU to tackle unemployment and education not FOR them but WITH them because they see themselves as the solution … Continue reading »